Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Presets

Photo by Adventure Instead

Photo by Adventure Instead

This blog post really has been a work-in-progress for the last few months while I considered the presets that we have and which of those I personally prefer. There are a few things that people are unaware of when they are buying presets and it is a pretty big gamble in the name of experimentation.

What you don’t know about presets:

1) Profiles. Built-in profiles are basically what I call the secret sauce of a preset. There are very few companies or photographers that have crafted built-in profiles and I think it’s because it’s difficult to do. This is one of the reasons a lot of people have a VSCO profile base and heavily tweak from there because it’s a different look that cannot be achieved otherwise. Quite a few people use VSCO as a base and apply another preset after that has no camera profile.

2) Consider whether the preset will work with your camera. Some photographers who are newer on the preset scene skip this part and sell a recipe built around their camera. So, what if they shoot Nikon and you shoot Canon- It’s like making a latte with cow milk vs. almond milk, but the recipe you have is only for cow milk and you only have almond milk. You will not get the same result.

3) Do NOT buy presets when they are first are put out. I have seen time and time again photographers releasing their presets basically on a whim and not doing their due diligence and everyone races to buy them (a big gamble). Long story short, it’s a dumpster fire because word gets around.

4) You should buy from a company like DVLOP (I would recommend VSCO, but it’s dead). There are a few things that come as a benefit of buying from presets from an established presets company. Most importantly are customer service and product updates. You can be confident that the presets work on all cameras.

I am going to share a list of our favorite and most recommended presets. If you’re not included, it’s not because we don’t love you.

Our Preferred Presets:


DVLOP (company)

here are our faves from DVLOP

-Nessa K

-Samm Blake

-Jose Villa

-Kristen Marie Parker

•Moth Presets (solo genius)





Levi Tijerina

Maddie Mae

Phil Chester

Hopefully this helps in your decision process when you go to buy your next preset pack!



P.S. If you’re looking to make your own recipe, we create custom presets for $125!

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