Getting Intentional with Instagram Stories

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While teaching other photographers during GYST Workshop last week, the topic of adding value to your brand for little-to-no money came up often. One way to add value is putting just a little more effort into your social media game. Presentation matters with every part of your business. Something I notice often are instagram stories that are pretty inconsistent, not visually engaging, and have little intention (whoops, I said it). Sorry if this a bit of tough love.

#1 Settle on a “vibe”. You don’t have to be like everyone else or have that trendy instagram edit. Do you, boo.

#2 Do everyone’s eyes a favor and start using the same font on all of your posts. Switching between cursive and typewriting can be a litttttle abrasive.

#3 Download the Unfold app. This is great for creating really visually pleasing photo collages. This is perfect for sharing professional work and when you want to feature multiple photos from a set. I try to limit to two images per page, because people are viewing these photos on tiny screens in their hands.

#4 Use the same dang preset (or at least minimize it to two). A lot of people use VSCO to edit their photos / video and that’s what I prefer. There are tons of great editing apps, though. Bonus points if you make your own preset.

#5 Think about what and why your posting. I have three things that I mainly share: my work (because obviously $$$), my personal life (my main motivation is comic relief / trying to be relatable), and I occasionally throw on the hat of mental health advocate (because I just can’t stay quiet about it). Are you posting with intention and sticking with your “why?”

#6 I hold back on complaining (most of the time) on social media, especially about my workload, because there are people our there that would die to do the work I do. Complaining adds zero value for anyone.

I think a lot of people may discredit instagram stories as a business tool, but rumor on the internet is people are obsessed with stories and the easy viewing format compared to the traditional timeline. It’s time that your stories stand out.

Below is a quick video tutorial on how to add a custom color to your instagram stories. To select the color, hold down on any color and a gradient will appear. Once you've selected your color, hold down on the background instagram provides and it will replace that with a solid color.


Here’s what you shouldn’t do. This has basic written all over it. The gradient background and basic font placement. Took me 10 seconds.


What you should do. This is the same sort of personal moment- presented intentionally. And in my opinion…. so. much. better. This took about 30 seconds.

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