Telling Your Story Through Your "Brand"

Your story is your brand. It’s your “unique selling point” and it’s what sets you apart from other photographers who are all competing for the same thing- clients. Your story is a vital part of your marketing. The entry point for wedding photography is, in my opinion, getting lower and lower with technology advances and enough learning resources to make your head spin.

As human beings, we long for connection to those that we feel understand us, that can see the truth in us and see us as more than just another person in the crowd. Your clients feel the same way. Being able to recognize this and communicate this in every part of your brand will set you apart.

By communicating your story, you will attract the people who can relate- which will ideally give you the unspoken permission to create art you believe in, because your clients trust and value the unique approach you bring that is born out of your story. 

In order to communicate your story and your values as an artist, you must know your own story. When I publish something personal that is deeply related to my story (positive or negative), there is the momentary feeling of being exposed. Because of this, I’ve been fortunate enough to attract “my people”, who are most often not afraid to let me capture their story

Sidney MorganComment