Photographers turned Youtubers

I feel like we are living in a beautiful wave of the future. We live in a time where photographers are becoming more and more open about the knowledge they’ve gained through years of experience. Around here, we’ve been really loving a few of them. These channels definitely deserve the hype and I feel like they could be a great resource to our clients. These channels cover such a wide range of photography topics from taking photos, to marketing, to how to edit your photos. We hope that these will be helpful for at least a few of you!

Benj Haisch

Mango Street

Artist Report

Braedon Flynn

Jasmine Star

Peter McKinnon

Sidney Morgan
Dip Your Toes into Stock Photography

As a wedding photographer (or any kind of photographer), you get used to income that is inconsistent. Months where your income is $10k and months where it’s freezing and you’re lucky to be able to cover your bills.

Passive income can provide you with a little peace of mind. Making money while you’re not working. Stock photography has paid for my car payment and insurance for the last two years. I’m not making bundles, but it’s something. My photos sell when I’m working on other things, asleep, or living my life. I signed on with Stocksy about three years ago and have slowly built a portfolio.

I’ve guided a few friends through this process. The first step is to create a portfolio website of “stock worthy” images. Your portfolio doesn’t have to be custom designed or cost $2,000. In the past, I have used Format for my portfolios. It’s $12 a month and you get a domain with that. You may be wondering… what makes an image “stock worthy”? When pulling images for stock, I look for images with genuine interaction, motion, negative space and anything unique. Pull the best of the best work you have. Your porfolio doesn’t need to be huge. 20-25 photos will do!

You’ve completed your portfolio and you’re ready to spread the good word. There are many stock companies. Some you have heard of and others that are more obscure. There are different kinds of stock companies. Some companies have been around forever, are somewhat uncurated, but have a huge clientele. Then there are the smaller, more curated portfolios that target more of a niche market.

Big, Established Agencies:



Getty Images

Smaller, Curated Agencies:


Adobe Stock

Twenty / 20

When you’re ready to jump into the stock world, apply to few companies and eventually there will be a place for you somewhere. A while ago when I was jumping in, I think I applied to three companies before I was accepted by Stocksy.

After you’re accepted, that is when the real work begins. It’s time to upload images that you want to sell! When I was accepted, I went back through years worth of work and asked the subjects to sign model releases so I could use them for stock. I have photos from 2011 that occasionally see to this day. There is quite a bit of work in the beginning to get your portfolio filled out, but later on when you’re off doing other things you’ll be making money from work you’ve already done! Now is the season to make things happen, friends.

Sidney Morgan
The Year Ahead

It’s time to reflect on 2018 and what work and what didn’t. At EBA, we’ve grown and evolved at a rate that I couldn’t have imagined at the beginning of this year. We learned quickly earning what it’s like to work as a team. We are looking into the New Year and all of the change that we know it will bring.

What worked for you and what didn’t? How can you achieve the life you deserve while managing a successful business? There are so many ways to change your habits / routine / time management that will directly affect your quality of life.

Practical and Simple Ways you Can Work Towards Balance:

• Create a list before bed with the tasks you plan on completing the next day. Having a plan eases those thoughts of overwhelm that usually come right when you’re trying to get some much-deserved sleep. We either keep it on paper (what I prefer) or throw it into the Clear App.

• Set clear boundaries with your time. You’re (most likely) not a doctor and I can assure you that no one will die if you stop checking your email after 5pm. This also applies to sleep. If you’re only getting 4 hours of sleep because you’re just trying to keep up- something needs to change. I give you permission to throw your hands up and say “this is not working”.

• Time blocking. We find ourselves most productive when we break up our time throughout the day. I use the Hours App and love it. Setting a timer for an hour and saying “I will take my eyeballs off of this specific task”. Concentrating 100% at the task at hand and then taking short breaks in between. Before time blocking, I found myself working at 70% all day long and often the tasks I had weren’t being completed until midnight.

• Routine. Routine. Routine. It can be simple. Routine may be foreign to you. You may travel to different timezones often, but there are still great ways to develop simple routines. Making time to do yoga and read and cooking healthy meals is so important to us. Routine has been what we rest on when we start to feel a sense of overwhelm. Our routines have essentially become non-negotiable, because we know that being filled up will directly affect the quality of work that we do.

• If you can, hire an assistant. The most ideal setup for any business owner is when they hit the point that they’re only doing the tasks that only they can do. Having an assistant provides an incredible amount of peace, because you know that people are taken care of. From emails, to keeping your books, and completing the random tasks you dread. The going rate is about $15-25 (you get what you pay for).

Sometimes what holds us back is ourselves. Our so-called “comfortable” and familiar routines that is surely going to kill us one day. Operating a business out of fear and constantly feeling sick. Maybe it’s time to shake it up and stop working in your business, but rather- on it. As a photographer- year after year, I was trapped in a season of complete overwhelm around the Holidays. Prioritizing and asking for help when I needed it has been key towards leading a life of balance.

We would love to hear what you guys plan on achieving in the New Year! We want to hear those big dreams. Our goal is to help you achieve the dreams that you previously thought were unachievable.Here at EBA, we take great pride in the fact that we doing extensive research on our clients. Your personal editor will get to know every nuance of your style, so that you can confidently deliver your galleries without having to touch them. We want to take care of your biggest time suck- editing.

Here are some amazing things our clients have done this year! Two of our clients got into the Junebug top 50 images collection of the year. Well deserved, Adventure Instead and Assemblage. Corey Torpie photographed the campaign trail of the legendary Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (now congresswoman). Our friends Levi Tijerana and Maddie Mae launched presets. Endless publications in magazines (too many to mention). A few of our clients achieved the ultimate dream- becoming parent.

Let’s make some big ripples in 2019! It’s going to be a big year!

Happy Holidays,


Sidney Morgan
Mini Sessions: How to Make $5k in a Weekend

The goal is to create a shortened session that gives a new client a taste of who you are and the style of work you produce, to turn them into a regular client.  For past clients the goal is to make them feel like the most valuable person in the world to you for 30 minutes. Over the past 10 years I have offered mini sessions and have continued to adjust to get the best results. 

One month before a mini session date I send an email to all my past mini session clients. After that I post on all the local facebook groups I am a part of.  I attach 1-3 images to my post.

On the first day you send out your post you will get the most responses. So stay put at your computer to be ready to answer and book instantly. I schedule with 45 min slots starting at 9am and going to one hour before sunset with a 1 hour break at noon.  I offer only 30 minute sessions and at one location. The extra 15 minutes added to the shoot is to allow for a longer session, or those clients who are running late or get lost. 

Here is a example of my post:

Fall Mini Sessions are back with Lazio Images

WHEN? October 8/9

WHERE?  Evergreen, CO

30 minute sessions in the mountains. 
10 digital images 
We will play, explore and capture your family connection.

After your session I will give you a link to view a slideshow. This slideshow can be sent to any friends and families but the main purpose of this slideshow is for you to view your images. Typically at a mini session you will receive anywhere from 15-30 images to view. From the slideshow you can choose the images you would like the copy-write to, shoot me an e-mail with your selection and I will send the selected files to you. These are your images to do whatever you want to do with.

To Book your session please send a dm or email to

PAYMENT: I charge a low fee of $250 for each client. This just gives them 10 images; I deliver 30-50 in their client gallery.  I give them the option to buy all the images for an additional $100.  90% buy them all. I ask for the $250 to hold their spot and I send them an invoice through paypal. I keep the money in there and transfer it all after the weekend of the shoot so I have a better sense of accomplishment after such a full weekend.

I advertise 30 days before the shoot. I have found Tuesdays and Thursdays to be the best days to post.  If I post on a Tuesday, I bump my post again on Thursday and then on Sunday, Back to Tuesday and Thursday, Sunday every week until the spots are full. I typically fill up with in 7-10 days after the first post. 

Typically I offer two mini session weekends in the fall, one in the spring and one in December right before the holiday. I try to offer a different spin on each one. For ex. Mothers day in the spring, Fall for the changing leaves, and winter would be snow, holiday sessions.  A lot of time I will have the same clients book for all three.  

One week before the session I send this info out:

 Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to photograph your family. I look forward to having fun with you on the 8th of October at your mini session.
Here are a few things to help you prepare for your mini session:

Before your session some of the most frequently asked questions are what to wear.  I am attaching a few examples below that I loved. They mixed colors and patterns really well and it will work for holiday cards. Have fun and send me a text if you need any help. (303) 842-3426

If you have a pet you would like in your photograph feel free to bring your pet along, I understand your pet is a part of your family and I would be happy to get a few shots with your family pet.  Also if you have any favorite items such as a quilt, a cozy blanket, or anything else that you would like to be included in your session feel free to bring it with you.  Snacks such as fruit snacks and gold fish are sometimes helpful to have on hand for the smaller children, as well as water. 

My goal when approaching every family at a mini session is to come with a laid back, playful approach.  We will do a few family shots where every one is looking at me and the camera, then I typically break it down to the kiddos and then a few at the end with the mom and dad.  Typically the kids drive the results and I seek out the unique interaction from each family.  This makes the sessions true to only your family and no family can be duplicated.


Crown Hill (Parking on 32nd) 

Johson Family
October 7th

After your session I will give you a link to view a slideshow. This slideshow can be sent to any friends and families but the main purpose of this slideshow is for you to view your images. Typically at a mini session you will receive anywhere from 30-50 images to view.  From the slideshow you can choose the images you would like the copy-write to, shoot me an e-mail with your selection and I will send the selected files to you.  These are your images to do whatever you want to do with. 

Minis are $250.00 This is due at the time of booking your session
If you have sent your payment to the studio thank you!! If you still need to do that you can mail a check to the address below and make the check to Lazio Images

If you need ANYTHING at ANY time, please never hesitate to call, text or e-mail me.
My phone number is: 000-000-0000

THANK YOU again for this wonderful opportunity!! I am very excited to capture your family this fall!!


Best of luck!! These are always fun weekends and a great opportunity to stay connected to all your families from throughout the years.  

Post authored by the talented Sara Lazio. Check out her website and her magical instagram.

Sidney Morgan
Creating the Online Storefront Your Business Deserves

The goal is to attract your ideal client with design and copy that targets their needs and solves a problem that they have. Most potential brides are looking for a photographer who is like them. They may be the type of person who wears J. Crew on the daily and gets married at the fanciest place in town. They may also be someone who camps in a VW van and gets eloped on a cliffside. The work you show and the website you show it on are important.

A lot of site visitors are only on a site for meer seconds. That means that you have seconds to capture a potential lead. Details matter. You may have been saying “I’ll get to my website I haven’t updated since 2014 eventually”. Your website is your storefront. Would you leave your storefront unattended for 4 years?

It’s time to up your game and attract the clients you want in 2019. Here are a few helpful tips we learned through the process of creating Edited by Artists.

  1. Using Squarespace is kind of a given these days. Squarespace is a powerful and easy to use platform for any size business.

  2. Find a template you love. We used a template from Go Live HQ (they’re having a Black Friday sale fyi). We had the template we chose customized by our designer to fit us perfectly.

  3. Research designers until you find one who resonates with you. Moth Haus was our designer and she completely blew us away with her thoughtful design.

  4. Trust your gut when choosing your selects from your design proofs. Usually your first instinct is right. Some people say you should sleep on big decision.

  5. Copy copy copy. This is where you can add value for $0. If you’re not a writer, do yourself a favor and hire a copywriter.

  6. Show the work you want to do more of.

A peak into our process working with Moth Haus. These are all the logos that we didn’t choose.

Sidney Morgan